Brixton House

Brixton House is a new creative hub that aims to become a cultural landmark in Brixton. It opened in 2021 and strives to attract, support, and inspire new artistic experiences that promote community solidarity and social change.

We had a long-standing relationship with Brixton House’s predecessor, Oval House, which closed down. In 2019, we were invited to submit a proposal for the Brixton House project, which we accepted. We eventually won the project in partnership with our friends and colleagues at ChillCreate and Alleyne&.

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID pandemic, we worked closely with the Brixton House team for two years to develop a comprehensive brand strategy. This involved defining the organization’s values, marketing approaches, and visual branding.

The central motif of the brand is a meeting point, a place where people can come together and ideas can flourish. The logo features a prominent “X” to symbolise convergence and celebrate Brixton’s cultural heritage and diversity.